Environmental Conservation

As extreme climate events and the loss of biodiversity are no longer hypothetical issues, PSMC recognizes the potential impact of climate change on the ecological environment and human society, and the need to take concrete actions to mitigate the impact. Through the Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Month program, the core series of activities being promoted include environmental protection and environmental education, calling on employees, their families, and the general public to join in the effort to preserve the environment. The Company has expanded sustainability education for employees and the public alike, and demonstrated its determination to protect the ecological environment of land and sea. Moreover, PSMC engages in and sponsors research, discussions, and related activities in the field of environmental conservation in order to promote environmental protection education and the application of environmental protection at home and abroad. The Company is actively applying the results of these programs to individuals, society, and enterprises, thus putting environmental conservation actions into practice in everyday life.


Let’s Clean the Beach Together

On October 15, 2022, PSMC gathered 67 employees and their families to participate in a beach cleanup activity on the north shore of the Guanyin Temple at Nanliao Fishing Harbor, Hsinchu City, Taiwan. The group not only physically removed non-marine litter but also established the concept of marine conservation. The beach cleanup activity was also documented in the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) log sheet, which monitors marine debris. According to the item-by-item records of the garbage picked up by the group, the total area of the beach cleaned on that day was about 250 meters, and a total of 298.9 kg of various types of waste were removed.




Participation in Leopard Cat Conservation Promotion Activities and Mountain Cleanup

With the upcoming completion of the factory in Tunglo, Miaoli, PSMC continues to broaden its interest and invest resources in local environmental conservation. Therefore, on October 28, 2022, PSMC held a physical mountain cleanup education activity at the factory in Tunglo, calling on more than 300 employees to participate. The event included lectures promoting the environmental assessment and ecological monitoring of Tunglo Science Park and eco-conservation measures for the leopard cat, as well as environmental cleanup around the factory. This allowed the Company to make actual contributions to local environmental conservation while effectively enhancing the environmental conservation awareness of its employees.




Hsinchu Science Park General Inspection and NGO Environmental Visits

On November 18, 2022, the Deputy Director of the Hsinchu Science Park Administration invited representatives from the Environmental Protection Administration, the Environmental Protection Bureau, experts, academics, and citizen environmental groups (NGOs) to visit the plant, helping stakeholders understand the Company's environmental protection management (covering a comprehensive range of aspects including air pollution, wastewater, waste materials, and greenhouse gases) and the performance of environmental management measures. After the on-site visit of the environmental protection and prevention equipment, the Company received praise and affirmation from the various representatives, which definitively enhanced the overall image of the Company.




Public Toilet Adoption in the Chunan Science Park Community Park

In order to continuously enhance the spirit of community service, in October 2022, PSMC organized its first neighborhood park adoption/cleaning activity and signed a two-year “public toilet adoption” contract with the Science and Technology Bureau. The Department of Public Safety and the General Affairs Administration will arrange for sanitation personnel to clean the surroundings of the public toilet, manage resource recycling, and conduct other operations to maintain the usage conditions of the public toilet, promoting the spirit of community service and strengthening the Company’s connections with the competent authorities and local residents.




Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Month Run Race Activity

PSMC participated as a co-organizer in the charity run race organized by the Science Park Administration during the 2022 Hsinchu Science Park's Industry Safety and Environmental Protection Month. During the event, 1,500 employees, family members, and citizens jogged through Tunglo Science Park and Jiuhu Village, where they could appreciate the beauty of the Hakka villages and the Tunglo chrysanthemum. A total of 16 volunteers were recruited to assist with the check-in, supplies distribution, and peripheral traffic control operations at the race site. The Company also set up a free blood pressure measurement booth at the activity venue to continuously promote a safe and healthy workplace environment.





Animal Conservation Drawing Competition

PSMC invited students from the local Chutung Junior High School to participate in a drawing competition. Students were able to choose from among Taiwan's unique/protected species such as the leopard cat, grass owl, and the Taiwan blue magpie as their sketch subjects. Through the process of replicating the animal, the students were able to gain a deeper understanding of the species itself and the importance of environmental protection. The contest also encouraged the students to actively participate in environmental conservation activities through the competition and the exhibition of their sketches, thus promoting environmental education.




Environmental Health and Safety Newsletter Prize Contest

The Environmental Health and Safety Newsletter Prize Contest has been held for three consecutive years to raise awareness among employees on ESG related topics such as pollution prevention, climate change, safety and hygiene, wellness promotion, and disaster prevention and safety awareness through weekly newsletters on different topics. This year, a total of 11 ESG newsletters were sent out, covering topics such as safe working environment, sustainable management of operations, pollution prevention management, climate change and carbon management, and biodiversity. 2,600 employees participated in the contest, with a 97.8% correct answer percentage, demonstrating the effectiveness of building awareness on sustainability issues for employees.


The Joyful Living: A Life Philosophy in a New Era of Reduced Plastics Seminar

To enhance the concept of energy saving, carbon reduction and environmental protection, the seminar started from the misuse of disposable consumables and led employees to think about how to reduce plastic at the source and evaluate the environmental benefits through common life scenarios. The lecturer shared his practical experience to help employees implement the concept of plastic reduction in their daily lives. The seminar attracted over 300 employees, who participated in person and online, demonstrating their high level of interest and concern for environmental conservation and a lifestyle with reduced plastics.




A Dual Lecture on the Impact and Challenges of Climate Change and Biodiversity

Climate change has become the focal issue of global concern, and the concept of biodiversity has increased the importance of environmental conservation and ecological systems in various countries. Frequent forest fires, droughts, epidemics, and even ecological extinction in recent years have demonstrated that human beings are not only inseparable from the ecosystem on which our survival depends, but are also facing a serious challenge. The lectures on Impacts and Challenges of Climate Change and Biodiversity attracted 604 participants from various departments. The Company hopes that these lectures will raise employee awareness of the urgency and importance of the environment and ecology. Moreover, in order to continuously expand the popularity of environmental education, e-learning courses were held in addition to the physical lectures and online live broadcasts, with a total of 1,544 employees enthusiastically participating.