Privacy Policy

Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “PSMC”) values the importance of privacy, This privacy policy is enacted, in accordance with the Taiwan Personal Data Protection Act, Enforcement Rules of the Personal Data Protection Act and PSMC’s information security policy, to ensure the personal information security of PSMC’s employees, customers and business partners, and to protect PSMC’s rights and interests.


  • This policy applies to PSMC’s employees and contract personnel, and the companies having business with PSMC, and their personnel, applicants of PSMC, visitors to PSMC's website , visitors to PSMC.

2.Categories of Personal Data

  1. General Personal Data
    • Personal information: name, photo, ID number, gender, date of birth, age, nationality, company name, job title, title, account information, military service status.
    • Contact information: contact address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail information, messenger app details, social media details, etc.
    • Expertise and experience: educational background, research field, language abilities, professional skills, experience, occupation, qualification certification, work experience.
    • Your consent record in paper or electromagnetic form for obtaining Personal Data.
    • Information about your login to the PSMC website and the feedback you provided.
    • Others: Whether relatives work in PSMC, relative information, etc.
  2. Sensitive Personal Data
    We do not seek to collect or otherwise process Sensitive Personal Data in the ordinary course of our business. Where it becomes necessary to process your Sensitive Personal Data for any reason, we rely on one of the following legal bases. Sensitive Personal Data types including medical records, healthcare records, physical examination records, criminal records, etc. PSMC may process your Sensitive Personal Data in the following situations:
    • Compliance with applicable law: the processing is required or permitted by applicable law, e.g., to comply with our diversity reporting obligations.
    • Detection and prevention of crime: The processing is necessary for the detection or prevention of crime, e.g., the prevention of fraud, violation of the law.
    • To claim, exercise or protect the legal rights of PSMC or relevant parties, PSMC may process your Sensitive Personal Data.
    • Based on your voluntary consent, PSMC may process your Personal Data.

3.Purposes and Legal Bases of Personal Data Processing

  • The collecting, processing or use of personal information shall be conducted by respecting such person’s rights and interests, in good faith, and to the extent necessary and reasonable for specific purpose. Prior to collecting personal information for business purpose, PSMC shall notify such person of the collecting purpose and scope, and obtain his/her written consent. PSMC may process personal data for the following purposes :
    1. For the purpose of PSMC's business and operation, via email or through other channels, to perform works, cooperate or communicate, negotiate.
    2. Recruitment and job applications.
    3. Maintaining the security of PSMC’s plant including but not limited to the plant site visit records, monitor records, and system login records and access records and other electronic security measures.
    4. For the purpose of managing suppliers, PSMC may process your Personal Data by your prior consent.
    5. For the purpose of fulfilling statutory obligations such as case investigations and legal compliance.

4.Collection of Personal Data

  • PSMC may collects your Personal Data from the following sources including but not limited to the following situations :
    1. PSMC may obtain your Personal Data through business collaboration , business visits or meeting.
    2. PSMC may obtain your Personal Data provided by you, e.g., you contact PSMC via e-mail or telephone, or when you provide us with your business card, or when you submit a job application.
    3. PSMC may obtain Personal Data when you visit our website or use any features or resources available on the site.
    4. PSMC may obtain Personal Data that you choose to make public, e.g., the content you disclose on social media.
    5. PSMC may obtain Personal Data from third parties who provide it to us, e.g., credit reference agencies, law enforcement authorities, etc.

5.Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

  • PSMC may disclose Personal Data to other entities within the PSMC group, for legitimate business purposes and the operation of products or services in accordance with applicable law. In addition, we disclose Personal Data to :
    • You and your appointed representatives.
    • Legal and regulatory authorities, PSMC may disclose your Personal Data to them in accordance with legal requirements, or to report any illegal or suspected illegal behavior.
    • Accountants, auditors, consultants, lawyers and other professional advisors to PSMC, subject to binding contractual obligations of confidentiality.
    • Provide your Personal Data to PSMC’s global service providers under this Policy (for example: payment service agencies, freight companies, etc.).
    • Provide your Personal Data to relevant parties, governmental authorities, governmental department, law enforcement department or Court in order to claim, exercise legal rights when necessary, or to prevent, investigate, prosecute wrongdoing, or to execute criminal penalties.
  • If PSMC retains an information service provider to Process your Personal Data, we will enter into a contract with such service provider to ensure its compliance with the following requirements:
    1. it shall Process your Personal Data within the scope of the purpose according to PSMC's prior written instructions; and
    2. it shall comply with applicable legal requirements and establish a mechanism to protect the security and confidentiality of your Personal Data.

6.Cross-Border Transfer

  • Personal data may be transferred among and used by PSMC’s subsidiaries located in different countries to the extent not exceeding the original scope of the Specific Purpose. PSMC shall manage the transfer and use of personal data in accordance with the Policy and applicable privacy and personal data laws and regulations in the countries where the personal data is transferred and used.

7.Data Security

  • PSMC has implemented appropriate security measures to prevent your Personal Data from being accidentally or intentionally damaged, lost, tampered with, unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized access, and other illegal or unauthorized processing. Due to the open nature of the Internet, the information transmitted over the Internet is not completely secured. Although we have employed all reasonable measures to protect your Personal Data, there is still no guarantee that the processing of transmitting information via the Internet will be completely safe. You shall bear the possible risks underlying the transmission process. Please be sure to make sure there is no security issue during the processing of transmitting your Personal Data to PSMC.

8.Data Accuracy

  • PSMC strives to take reasonable measures to ensure that your Personal Data is correct and timely. If there is any error exist in your Personal Data, we will immediately correct or delete it. In order to ensure the accuracy of your Personal Data, we may occasionally confirm the accuracy of your Personal Data with you.

9.Data Minimization

  • PSMC strives to take reasonable measures to ensure that the scope of Personal Data processed by PSMC has a reasonable relevance to the purposes contained in this policy, and is limited to the processing within the reasonable scope.

10.Data Retention

  • PSMC strives to take reasonable measures to ensure that the processing of your Personal Data by PSMC will only be made for the period necessary for the purposes listed in this policy. We will keep your Personal Data in accordance with the following principles:
    1. During the period that there is a continuous employment relationship between you and PSMC.
    2. For the period necessary to achieve the legitimate purpose set out in this policy.
    3. During the period of statute of limitation prescribed by the applicable laws or regulations. For example, when a third party exercise the legal right to request for your Personal Data from PSMC, PSMC must keep and process your Personal Data for the period necessary for fulfilling the request.
    4. After the expiration of the retention period in the foregoing, PSMC will permanently delete or destroy your relevant Personal Data, or pseudonymize your Personal Data.

11.Your Legal Rights

  • According to applicable Personal Data protection Act you may claim the following rights to PSMC:
    1. Review your Personal Data, request PSMC to provide a copy of your Personal Data, supplement or rectify your Personal Data.
    2. Refusal to provide your Personal Data: However, please note that if you refuse to provide your Personal Data, PSMC may not be able to fully provide you with our products or services.
    3. Stop processing your Personal Data, restrict processing your Personal Data, delete your Personal Data, or transfer your Personal Data to other Personal Data controllers under reasonable and feasible technical premises.
    4. Withdrawing your consent to the processing of your Personal Data by PSMC: please note that withdrawing your consent will not affect the legality of the processing of your Personal Data based on your prior consent. If the processing of your Personal Data has other legal basis, we may continue to process your Personal Data.
    5. You reserve the right to appeal to the competent authority responsible for information protection for the Processing of your Personal Data.
  • Please note that before PSMC can provide any assistance to your request, you need to provide identification documents in order to exercise the above rights.

12.Usage of customer data for secondary purposes

  • PSMC endeavors to protect the privacy of our customers. We do not use customer data for any secondary purpose other than the purposes defined in this Policy.

13.Contact information

  • Information Security Office、Legal Affairs Office and Human Resources Division are responsible for privacy issues. The privacy violation will get into information security incident response process, the violator will have a punishment based on the severity, Transfer to the prosecuting agency or HR Internal discipline.
    If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us via the following information:
    Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.
    No. 18, Li-Hsin Rd. 1, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu. Taiwan, R.O.C.
    Alternatively, you may contact us using our online "Contact Us" form.