• 87 %↑

    Recycle Process Water

    Recycling rate of process water at all plants.

  • 90 %↑

    NH3-N Reduction

    Reduce ammonia nitrogen in wastewater

Water Resources Policy and Management

PSMC commits to using 750 cubic meters per day (CMD) of the reclaimed water (P1/2: 500 CMD, P3: 250 CMD) after the establishment of the water reclamation plant in the Science Park, in support of the government's policy to actively promote the reuse of reclaimed water.
Participate in water resources related activities:


  • The Water Resources Agency held a water resources communication meeting with the manufacturers' associations.
  • During the low-water period, the manufacturers and the Water Resources Agency increased their cooperation on water resources allocation.
  • Participated in the water conservation counseling program for science park manufacturers.
  • During the low water period, water trucks were sent to the Keya Water Resources Center to carry reclaimed water.