Philosophy and Goals

PSMC conforms to the law to protect the human rights and privacy of employees and to prohibit improper discrimination. We have established labor and human rights policies to protect the mental and physical development of children and do not employ workers under the age of 16. The employment of foreign workers has to also conform to the age requirement of the exporting country. There are no incidents of forced and compulsory labor in the company, and no incidents of violations on rights of indigenous peoples.

Work conditions do not differ in terms of race, religion, gender, age, marital status or political preference. The Company does not recruit workers by force, threat, imprisonment, debt settlement, human trafficking or other illegal activities, including but not limited to forced labor or related coercive actions, corporal punishment, intimidation or other verbal abuse, withholding workers' finances, identity documents, etc. If extending a worker’s working hours is necessary, after agreeing to work overtime, the employee then must submit an application so that supervisors and the employee can double check the overtime hours in the system, and pay will be based on the overtime hours.

The employees and security personnel of PSMC are required to attend human rights training each year. The content of the course includes the relevant law and regulations such as personal rights, labor freedom, wages, holidays, working hours, prohibition of discrimination, freedom of assembly, and related cases to ensure that the security personnel are also compliant with the social convention.

PSMC's Labor and Human Rights Policy  

  • 100 %

    Human Right Training

    Rate of employees that received the training for human rights protection related policies.

  • 100 %

    None Incidents

    None forced or compulsory labor incidents, resulting in fines by the competent authority.

  • 100 %

    Performance Evaluation

    Rate of all employees at the Company receiving performance evaluation on a regular basis.