Philosophy and Goals

In accordance with the five principles of the AA1000SES Stakeholder Engagement Standard, and after internal discussions and reference to the industry's stakeholder identification and engagement methods, six internal and external stakeholder groups were identified, including employees, customers, government/competent authorities, shareholders/investors, suppliers/contractors, and society/local communities. To further understand each stakeholder and assess the impact of each sustainability issue, PSMC designed questionnaires to be completed by internal and external stakeholder groups, and the results of stakeholder negotiations and impact assessments of significant issues are reviewed by the President and presented to the Board of Directors.

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    Items of Sustainability Issues

    With reference to international standards, industry characteristics, international semiconductor industry, compiled issues through discussions and feedback

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    Questionnaires Copies

    Number of questionnaires collected that covered the impact of issues from all division heads.

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    Items of Material Topics

    Number of major sustainability issues identified.